Here at GBC, we believe that investing in your marriage is important. If you have been married longer than a week or two, you know that hard realities of life can come crashing in. We want to help you grow closer in oneness in your marriage journey by providing resources for you. Below is a list of some of the resources we provide.

Date nights that help you be intentional about taking time for the two of you. Date nights are held various times throughout the year.
Small groups (Journey Groups) that are marriage focused.
Big events with speakers and resources to help you learn and grow in your marriage.
♥ Our marriage enrichment and repair, r‍e|engage, is an in-depth discipleship program. Re|engage meets weekly on Wednesday nights.



Our Vision: Our vision for the Marriage Ministry at Grace Bible Church is to invest in the preparation, enrichment, and restoration of lifelong Christ-Centered marriages.

Our Mission: The GBC Marriage Ministry seeks to provide support, encouragement and spiritual enrichment to Christian engaged and married couples. We seek to enhance our walk with Christ and strengthen our relationships with each other through a focus on Biblical discipleship.

We value cultivating families

So, you’re planning a wedding… Congratulations!

We share in your joy as you begin one of life’s most exciting and rewarding journeys.  Apart from accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, marriage is the single most important decision you will make in your life.

Preparing for your marriage is the most important part of your wedding planning. We have designed a process to prepare you for a life-long commitment in marriage. You will complete the following requirements:

♥ Begin your process by filling out the forms in the Wedding Handbook including your date, time and pastor of choice.

♥ Sign up for one of the MERGE Premarital Class sessions. If you are having a GBC wedding and/or using one of our GBC Pastors, you will be required to take this 8-week class. The class will be offered two times each year. Please register here. If  you are not able to attend this class, please contact, the Marriage Ministry Director for options. However, we do ask that you make every effort to attend this class and make it a priority for 8 weeks. See below for the dates of the current classes offered. This class is open to all couples.

♥ We will also ask you to take the Prepare/Enrich Inventory after  your class. There is a separate fee of $35 paid directly to Prepare/Enrich for the inventory. You will receive more information about Prepare/Enrich following your registration for the class.

For more information please email the office or call (863) 382-1085.


We use a curriculum called "Merge". What is Merge? Merge is designed to give engaged and seriously dating couples a unique opportunity to learn, seek wisdom, and receive counsel about marriage in a safe, fun, challenging and authentic environment. Merge exists to prepare couples for marriage by addressing common challenges in marriage from a biblical perspective. The dynamics of the class include large group teaching time, small group table discussion and other interactive learning opportunities. Couples will be placed at a table with one mentor couple and 2-3 other participating couples throughout the class. Whether you go to GBC, attend another church or don’t go to church at all, you are welcome in Merge.

We have 8-week classes two times per year offered on Tuesday nights at GBC. Each 8-week class has a pre-established start and end date The next Merge class will be starting on September 18th, 2018.

Questions? Reach out on our contact page!





Some things are worth the fight. Your marriage is one of them.
Read below about how our " Re|engage" curriculum can give you the tools to make it happen.

You see, marriage is so much bigger than you and your spouse. It’s all woven into God’s divine plan to bring Him glory and bring you closer to Him. The reason you can’t do it on your own? He never intended you to! Only He can give you the tools you need to make your marriage a successful one. If you’re trying to figure out which tools are necessary, or if your tools are a little rusty, re|engage helps you connect as a couple and with God, in the context of community. You’ll meet couples who share the same stories as you, and also the complete opposite ones. You’ll laugh and cry and learn as you discover marriage in a whole new light, with other people who are discovering the same.

You might uncover hope that you didn’t think existed. You might learn how to communicate effectively, even if you think you already do. You might see Christ change your marriage by changing your heart. And, there’s a good possibility that you might just experience all of this—and more.

Marriage only works God’s way with God’s Word, so that will be our guide. Coupled with God’s Spirit and God’s people, change is inevitable. Through worship, teaching, small groups, and testimonies from couples, you will experience 16 weeks of marriage enrichment. Here’s what you can expect to do each week:

- Examine God’s design for marriage
- Apply principles from God’s word
- Grow with each other and with other couples
- Receive encouragement in community

When God designed marriage, He intended it to be a lifelong covenant, a choice to love each other regardless of what has come, or what may come.

So, how are you doing with that? Maybe you’re contemplating filing that divorce paper. Maybe you enjoy your marriage, but there’s just a little something missing. Or, maybe you’re newlyweds who skipped the honeymoon phase. The good news is re|engage is for you! The only qualification is that you’re married. If you’re fed-up, frustrated, feeling pretty normal (or any other emotion that describes your current situation), you are welcome. There is always room for improvement, and we don’t want you to settle for average.


Does the community part scare you a little? Are you worried what people might think if you open up about what’s really going on under your roof? Drop your anxiety at the door. re|engage is a safe place to share, and the ultimate goal is healing—whether it’s a little or a lot. God is the God of the impossible, and believe it or not, there is a place where you can share without being judged or criticized.

So, talk it over with your other half. Come and see if it’s something you’d like. There’s no binding contract or deposit due. We just want you to experience the best marriage possible this side of heaven, and we believe re|engage, with God’s help, can help you accomplish that.  Have more marriage questions? Click the button below!

Watch this video to see how re|engage helped other couple’s marriages.













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