All Sunday ServicesWednesday at 6:00pm

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KidsLife Preschool Ministry seeks to lovingly introduce children to our amazing God through interactive Bible stories and activities. We provide time for a lesson, music, play, and snack. We believe and teach that God made us, God loves us and Jesus wants to be our friend forever. God is always with us and we are excited we get to share this great news with your children. Our goal is to partner with children and parents as you cultivate your families in a walk with Christ.

KidsLife Elementary Children’s Ministry is all about reaching K-5th grade students on their level. We want kids to know that there is a very real God who loves them and wants to have a friendship with them. We believe that the Bible is not boring and neither should it be taught that way.

Our time together is interactive with skits, loud worship, games, and hands-on activities. Our small group times will challenge kids to hide God’s Word in their hearts and learn that they can talk to God anytime about anything!  We want our KidsLife kids to understand Biblical truths and how those truths fit into their lives and friendships.

Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Birth through Five Years Old